How To: Ring Stacking

While you may be well versed in the concept of necklace layering, how do you feel about our other favourite jewellery trend, ring stacking?

When dressing our hands, we’re of the approach that less isn’t always more and we feel strongly in our belief that the whole hand should be utilised and dressed by our jewellery. Read on to discover our tips on how to perfectly stack your rings to keep your look edgy, yet glam all at the same time..

How To Stack Rings AS29 Diary

1. Mix up your golds

We love to keep things interesting and keep the eye moving across the hand by mixing the colours of gold in our stack. Whether yellow gold is your go-to and you add in a white gold accent ring, or you love an equal mix of yellow, white and pink, the options are endless.

2. Incorporate a Statement Ring

Try starting your stack with your favourite statement ring, and then adding on from there. Whether it’s a two finger ring from our Baguette collection, a layered band ring from our Illusion collection or a double band pinky ring from our Icicle collection, we have all the statement rings you could dream of.

3. Leave at least one finger bare

While it can be tempting to layer up every finger, we always like to keep at least one finger from each hand bare. This will bring a cohesive and chicly pulled together feel for your stack, and won’t leave you feeling too OTT when you walk out the door.