Muse of the Month - Drew Barrymore

Gracing the cover of Marie Clare in our Lana ring, Drew Barrymore has long been an inspiration and favourite of ours at AS29.

The poster child of grunge, the young Drew epitomised the nonchalant grunge look of the 90's and is our October Muse of the Month.

“I never regret anything. Because every little detail of your life is what made you into who you are in the end”.

AS29 Muse of the Month - Drew Barrymore

A child star with an infectious smile, our muse was born into the world of Tinseltown, and has since gone on to become a household Hollywood name. With a textured past, and relationships with some of the grunge cultures biggest names (she is the godmother to Frances Bean Cobain), Drew embodies the non-conformity that is grunge.

Defined by her bold deep red lips, long blonde locks and simple jewels, Drew’s grunge looks were a source of inspiration to many. From gold hoop earrings to fine chain necklaces with delicate pendants, we love to emulate Drew’s style and bring it into these modern times with our AS29 collections, and we know you will too.

AS29 Lana Ring