Huggie Hoop Earring Guide

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Earrings are the perfect finishing touch for any outfit whether you prefer eye catching, diamond encrusted designs or a more subtle touch. One of the hottest earring styles for modern women is the huggie hoop.

Huggie Hoops Earrings

Everyday huggie hoops tend to be small, relatively plain, and fit closely to the lobe, ‘hugging’ it gently, though our collection includes truly dazzling designs too for a high impact look. Huggie hoop earrings will never go out of fashion so you can consider them a real investment piece for your jewellery box.

Ours are designed to be worn in regular rotation, so they are never plated and will retain their gleaming 18k gold finish for a lifetime and beyond. Flattering and elegant on any woman, gold huggie hoops are a timeless choice.

In glorious white or yellow gold, hoops look stunning when worn alone for a minimalist look, though we love to layer ours with other hoops, studs and ear cuffs further up the ear to give an outfit that edge.

AS29 Huggie Hoop Earrings

Styling huggie hoops

Huggie hoops in shades of gold can be used to curate your ears and refine your style to create a personalised look which is effortlessly chic. While stud earrings can be fiddly to wear, huggies simply snap into place with a hinge which makes them extra secure.

Most will have a special design which makes them stand out from the crowd such as beautifully cut natural diamonds and textural surfaces, but the one thing they all have in common is that they are simply beautiful.

Wear them anywhere

These perfectly proportioned hoops are highly versatile and can be worn alongside studs and ear cuffs for a day at the office as well as evenings out and other special occasions. As they are more secure than some other types of earring, luxury huggie hoops are the perfect travel companion to keep you looking fresh and ready to take on the world.

Huggie Hoops Gold Earrings With Diamonds

Wear them with anything

Huggie hoops really can do it all, and look just as good when styled with a plain t-shirt and jeans as they do with a cocktail dress or modern evening wear. Dressed down, casual looks are elevated with a glint of glittering gold jewellery at the earlobe, while the hoops can be partnered with statement pieces for extra glamour.

We love huggie hoops because every woman will tend to style them differently to create something uniquely hers. It is exciting to come up with complete looks that make you feel good whether you are keeping things casual or amping up the glam, and huggie earrings add that extra touch of polish to any outfit.

Style them with other jewellery

Earrings really help to tie in your overall jewellery style, and huggie hoops are dynamic enough to be the star of the show in more minimalist looks or to play a supporting cast to showier pieces. Dainty jewellery looks are effortless when you pair gold huggie hoops with fine gold chain sets and minimalist drop pendant.

For a look with more drama, wear your huggie hoops and ear cuffs higher up the ear and give pride of place to your favourite diamond huggie hoops and drop earrings. Statement huggie hoops work beautifully with eye-catching, bold bracelets and characterful necklaces for bold day and night styles.

Girls wearing huggie hoop earrings with chain necklaces

With huggie earrings, anything goes, and you should experiment with different combinations and earring placement to see what works best with your overall style and ear shape. Changing the placement of an earring can have a big impact on the overall look, and sometimes the most unexpected pairings are the most effective.

Stack them high

Stacking gold huggie hoops is a great way to switch up your look day-to-day. They look stunning when paired with ear cuffs and studs in higher piercings, and when worn in unexpected ways alongside your other earring styles such as wearing them at the middle of the ear, or within the helix. Jewellery stacking is a major trend and can be done with necklaces and bracelets too. Try stacking your other jewellery for a polished style that speaks to who you are as a woman. Stacking rings is also a simple way to elevate your look and create a style which is uniquely yours. 

How to wear huggie hoops

Whether you have chosen white gold huggie hoops or yellow gold huggie hoops, they will work in the same way by curving around the lobe and fastening at the back. They are incredibly easy to wear and are often more comfortable than other kinds of earrings such as studs.

Yellow Gold Huggie Hoop Earring

To wear your huggie hoops as your most visible earrings, wear them in the first piercing you have, closest to your face. Wearing them higher up the ear will allow them to be concealed at times by your hair for a more subtle style, or wear your hair up to show off your curated earring looks.

If you are looking for earrings that are easy to wear and add a touch of understated glamour to your outfits then a huggie hoop style is the perfect choice. Women used to wearing earrings with posts will find that huggie hoops are much more comfortable and less likely to tangle in their hair throughout the day.

However you wear your fine gold hoops, do it in a way that brings you joy and makes you feel confident, happy, and powerful. For modern women, jewellery is often the most important part of any outfit and it has a real emotional power. If you feel your most powerful when adorned in your favourite jewellery then AS29’s luxury huggie hoops and other exquisite pieces are for you.

Fine gold huggie hoops

Fine gold huggie hoops make a luxurious and versatile addition to your jewellery collection and will become some of your favourite treasured pieces. Hoop earrings are one of the most coveted styles and a classic pair of yellow or white gold huggie hoops is a true wardrobe staple for the modern woman.

The AS29 earring collection features huggie style hoops which show the beauty of gold and natural diamonds to their best advantage. Designed by Audrey, each piece is lovingly crafted in fine gold to create a look which is feminine while being bold and modern to suit the fast-paced lives of women.


Pictures by AS29 x ThreadsStyling