Necklace Layering Guide

How to wear layered necklaces

Mastering the art of layering necklaces can be a little tricky, though when it’s done right it is always effortlessly glamorous. Whether you are creating a style which is simple and elegant or are looking to make a real statement with your chains and pendants, there are a few key principles which will help you to create a style which is balanced and edgy yet elegant. 

Your Guide to Necklace Layering

If you are wondering how to wear layered necklaces without overdoing it, bear in mind that there are no rules and the way you choose to layer your necklaces is completely up to you. Having said this, there are a few things you can do to make sure your necklace layering always looks on point. Bold or delicate, subtle or showy, there are an unlimited number of ways to wear your stacked necklaces to create a unique, captivating look. 

Layering might seem simple, but if you are new to styling your fine jewellery in this way then it can be difficult to know where to start. We have put together the ultimate guide to necklace layering to help you find a style you love for any occasion.

Choosing necklaces for a layered look

Stacking and layering necklaces is not a new idea; the style has endured for centuries, though necklace tastes have changed a lot over the years. The small details are key to keeping layered necklaces cohesive and tasteful, and the right necklaces in the right combination enhance an outfit beautifully.

The perfect layered look features strong designs which complement powerful yet feminine women, and AS29 delivers a truly stunning collection of 18k gold necklaces in yellow, white, pink and black gold. From statement diamond necklaces to stand out chain sets and pendants, you can combine your favourites to create a bold, dramatic style or keep it light and subtle.

Yellow Gold Necklace

Choose the right number of necklaces to layer

While you absolutely can create a gorgeous layered look with only two fine gold layered necklaces in white gold or yellow gold, this style is much more impactful when you choose three or more to wear together. If you want to experiment with two layered necklaces, choose a chunkier chain of 16 to 20 inches, and choose an eye catching pendant to wear on a chain which is about 2 or 3 inches longer. The more necklaces you incorporate into your look, the more versatility you will have to switch things up and keep them interesting but most AS29 wearers like to choose between 2 and 4 necklaces to layer. 

Choose your favourite colour of gold for your necklace stack

To create a more effortless look, choose one main colour for the necklaces that you would like to layer. A combination of white, yellow and pink gold is stunning on any skin tone though it can be a little OTT for some occasions. You can keep the look more simple and avoid clashing by choosing a dominant colour of gold and then adding one or two accent pieces in another colour. 

2 Layer Necklace in Yellow Gold2 Layer Stack in White Gold

3 Layer Stack in White Gold3 Layer Stack in Black GoldChoose your necklace lengths

When you first try a personalised layered necklace look you might find yourself getting into a tangle. This usually happens when the necklaces are too similar in length, causing them to knot and catch seemingly out of nowhere. To avoid any knotting you should choose necklaces which vary in length by a couple of inches.

The shortest necklaces come in at 16 inches in length which sits at the base of the neck as a choker, and longer necklaces can be anything up to 27.5 inches. They do have different hoop lengths at the clasp, meaning you will have plenty of scope for playing around with lengths to find a combination you love.

As well as helping reduce the chances that your chains will get tangled, varying the length of each of your layered necklaces also gives each individual piece a chance to shine. If you are wearing necklaces with drop pendants you will want to make sure they have enough space to freely hang without getting caught on your other jewellery. Avoid sleeping in your jewellery as much as possible, especially necklaces as these are particularly vulnerable to breaking as you move in your sleep. Understanding jewellery care makes it much simpler to maintain its sparkle and shine so that it lasts generations.

Take a top down approach to necklace layering

One of the best ways to nail this look is to start at the top with your shortest chain and go from there. Fine gold chains and chains with very dainty pendants work very well as your shortest layer and they keep your layered necklaces from bunching up too closely to your face. Work your way down and build up to your chunkier statement pieces to keep things balanced and in proportion.

Most of our heaviest-looking chains are made by gold artisans in Italy as these craftsmen are the only ones with the high levels of skill and expertise required to make them. They are hollow inside and don’t use cheaper alloys, so while they are strikingly thick they are also beautifully lightweight. Each of our biggest chains is crafted in stunning 18k gold, but the hollow design ensures they are perfectly comfortable for everyday wear while giving the impression of heavyweight solid gold. Hollow links are also stronger than solid ones of the same size, so are much more hardwearing.

The necklace which sits lowest should have the biggest silhouette so that it stays in proportion with where it sits on the neck and body. A winning combination to try would be a short plain 18k gold chain sitting a couple of inches above a charm necklace or diamond drop necklace, and then finished off with a longer necklace with a larger pendant at the bottom. To give you a guide to deciding which lengths are perfect for necklace layering, you might like to try 18, 20, and 22 inch necklaces which is one of our favourite combinations.

Gold Chain With Diamond Pendant

Mix and match for a personalised layered necklace look

AS29 offers a gorgeous range of 18k gold jewellery and diamond necklaces for a luxurious, elevated layered necklace look. Chains come in all shapes and sizes, from dainty curb chains to attention-grabbing heavy styles which are edgy and modern. They say variety is the spice of life, and this is definitely true when choosing stacked necklaces to complete an outfit. As well as choosing from stunning shades of gold, consider using a variety of textures to keep things interesting.

Different chain thicknesses will give a varied and dynamic appearance; switch things up by adding a heavier chain or two below your finer, plain necklaces for added drama. Each type of fine gold chain catches the light differently and sparkles in a unique way so this is a really simple way to give your look textural interest.

Fine gold layered necklaces

We thoughtfully design each piece to suit the modern woman who needs her jewellery to work hard for her. They are striking enough for a special occasion yet charming and feminine enough to wear every day. Gleaming 18k white gold and yellow gold layering necklaces steal the show when worn on their own too, so the AS29 woman can create a range of looks which capture her personality and make her feel bold and powerful. AS29 is the armour of choice for the woman with purpose and action in her life, and fine gold layered necklaces help her create a refined yet rebellious look which is always on-trend. 

AS29’s curated collection of fine 18k gold necklaces and chains is perfect for creating versatile, stunning layered looks which take the modern woman from day to night.