Stacking Ring Guide

How to wear stacking rings

When it comes to jewellery sometimes more is more, and some jewellery just begs to be stacked and layered. Stacking rings is a simple way to elevate your look and create a style which is uniquely yours. Stacking rings range from the bold to the dainty and the best stacked looks make use of a combination of ring styles to add a textural interest and modern flair to an outfit.

Stacking Rings - How to style your perfect look

While there is a lot of room for creativity when stacking rings it can be tempting to over do it, so editing your look is key to keeping things tasteful. If you are wondering how to wear stacking rings in a way that hits all the right notes, AS29 has created the ultimate guide to mixing and matching rings for a balanced and effortless look which is edgy yet sophisticated.

Styling stacking rings

Whether you love to adorn your hands in many fine bands or prefer something bolder, stacking rings are the modern woman’s choice when it comes to wearing rings. A collection of stacking rings allows you to create statement looks or something more subtle for everyday wear, whatever your personal style.

Step 1: Start with a single ring

To create a stunning stacked ring look, start with one ring, preferably a statement piece if you want to include one. This ring will form the basis of the overall look and will help you create a clear, cohesive style. The weight, colour, placement and style of this ring should dictate which other rings are worn and where. 

DNA 18k Gold Rings in Yellow Gold

Step 2: Choose your metals wisely

One of our favourite ways to wear stacking rings is to include rings in different colours of gold on the same hand. White gold, yellow gold and rose gold stacking rings complement each other beautifully and create textural interest, even if the rings are similar in weight and shape. Wearing different shades of gold creates an eclectic look which is perfect for day or night.

Keeping to one colour can help simplify things and an all yellow gold, all white gold or all rose gold look is always chic, but mixing and matching colours can really elevate your stacked ring look. Choose your favourite colour for most of the rings, and add two or three rings of another colour for maximum impact.

If you have a favourite colour of gold jewellery you can create an impactful look by choosing rings which are the same colour but are different weights, shapes, and widths. Texture can be added to a single colour look by including a statement ring with diamonds; solitaires and pave gems set along the band look dramatic and add a sparkle to complement the gleam of stacking rings in 18k white or yellow gold.

Step 3: Think strategically with your stacking ring placement

While there are no rules when it comes to ring stacking, it can be easy to overdress your hands and go from just right to too much at once. To help keep your look balanced, keep at least one finger bare on each hand. It is up to you, but we think it works best and looks most cohesive when either the pinky or the thumb are kept bare.

Stacking rings can either be worn at the base of the finger, or worn higher up the finger as midi rings. A balanced look will usually have a midi ring on the middle finger where it adds variety and ties in the entire hand, but they can be worn on any finger. They also look great when two are worn on alternate fingers.

2 Ways to Stack your Rings

Diamond eternity rings in 18k white gold or 18k yellow gold look striking when worn with any stacking ring set, and are one of the most versatile pieces you can invest in. Eternity rings are a timeless classic which always looks good, whether worn in a stacked look or worn solo. They stand out beautifully against polished gold bands and make a perfect statement piece.



To avoid your look becoming too heavy, choose no more than two or three rings to wear at the base of each finger and if you are wearing a midi ring and consider wearing it as the only ring on that finger to keep the look light. When wearing multiple rings on a single finger, choose either three slim bands or two slim bands with a thicker statement band between them. 


Match your stacking rings to your outfit

Diamond stacking rings are a timeless choice which is always chic and fashionable. The fresh sparkle of diamonds goes perfectly with absolutely anything and will bring instant glamour to even a casual look. Wearing too much sparkle with a simple outfit can look a little OTT so consider dialling back the bling and choosing a couple of statement diamond bands. Neutral coloured stones are a sure winner for any occasion.

Illusion Double Rings in 18k Gold With Diamonds

Plain stacking rings in 18k white gold or 18k yellow gold are the ideal choice when you are wearing an outfit that sparkles in its own right. The contrast between sleek gold and flashier outfits creates a cohesive and well put together look without overdoing it. If you are wearing a statement colour, choosing a single ring in this colour ties the whole look together and creates continuity.

Stacking Ring Guide

Go easy on other jewellery

18k gold stacking rings are made to steal the show, so when wearing this look on your hands you should leave your wrists bare. Crowding too much jewellery onto your hands and wrists at the same time detracts from the look, and the busy effect can make it difficult to appreciate your hand and wrist looks separately. Having said this, statement earrings are the perfect way to tie in all your jewellery, creating an ideal high/low balance.

Switch up your style

The beauty of gold stacking rings is that you can switch up your style to create the perfect level of drama. If you want to keep it light then you can do this by wearing only three rings on each hand, or choosing fine bands and stacking no more than two or three on a statement finger. For a more high impact look, add more rings and amp up the glam with statement diamonds and thick, textured bands. You can get a huge amount of variety from a gold ring set which includes a couple of statement pieces, an eternity ring, a midi ring, and a few fine gold bands. 

Diamond Evening Look

Practice makes perfect

There are no right or wrong ways to wear gold stackable rings - it all comes down to what makes you feel good. If you smile each time you catch sight of your hands then you are on to a winning look. The key is to practice. Try different combinations of colour, texture, shape, weight and style across your fingers. When you have found a look you like, switch it up again by swapping a couple of the rings or moving them to different fingers. Your everyday stacked looks should be comfortable enough to wear for an extended time and should feel secure. Social media is a great place to find stacking ring trends to inspire you and make it easier to choose your rings. 

Stackable rings in fine gold

Choosing stackable rings in fine gold can be daunting, but this guide will help you feel confident when trying a new multi ring look. If you will be wearing rings on fingers you usually leave bare, you will need to make sure you know which ring size will fit beforehand. If you aren't sure about your size, you can also check our ring sizing guide

Whether your style calls for something subtle or something more daring, stacking rings promise a look that is always fresh and up to date, yet completely unique to the wearer. Our stackable rings in fine gold are made to order and feature designs which are inspired by ethereal geometry and the natural beauty of stones. Choose from gleaming solitaires, eternity rings, statement rings, pave diamond rings, and pinky rings which can be mixed and matched to suit your mood.

AS29 fine jewellery has curated a selection of rings which are modern yet timeless and perfect for stacking. Luxurious 18k yellow gold stacking rings and white gold stacking rings complement the AS29 woman perfectly, giving her the freedom to express herself and create her own daily journey through her jewellery look. If you would like to know more about how to stack jewellery, make sure to check out our guides.