Understanding the Illusion Diamond

From a classic diamond bangle to dramatic diamond earrings, an Illusion diamond setting really can do it all. A common question by many of our customers, read on to discover the beauty and versatility behind Illusion diamonds.

So what really is an Illusion Diamond?

Just like a puzzle, the Illusion diamond setting uses a selection of stone shapes which are assembled and set in an invisible setting to create the illusion of a single, much larger stone. Perfectly and painstakingly selected and invisibly set, the stones are able to be set in a way that gives the illusion of a larger stone, even though the carat weight, and therefore price is less.

Fusing nine diamonds together, our Illusion Diamond Band ring is the perfect example of an Illusion setting done right. Creating a seamless bezel set emerald cut diamond at its center this band is the buy-now-wear-forever ring you need now!

By far our favourites pieces are the show-stopping, head-turning multi-stone earrings from our Illusion collection. Black tie dressing at its finest, these iconic AS29 styles have adorned the ears of red carpet walking celebrities including Bella Hadid and Jennifer Lopez.

Bella Hadid in AS29 Diamond Earrings

From dainty stud earrings, to a classic marquise necklace, all shapes are possible when it comes to the Illusion setting. Whether you dream of bold statement earrings, or you prefer to add timeless pieces to your jewellery box, discover our Illusion collection today.