A Complete Guide To AS29

The AS29 story

The AS29 label was founded over a decade ago by Audrey Savransky with one clear vision in mind: to provide modern, forward-thinking women with a truly non-conformist approach to wearing fine 18k gold jewellery. Since the brand’s inception, it has continued to deliver on this mission and remains committed to crafting pieces which are rebellious yet refined, and bold yet effortless enough to wear for any occasion. The modern woman demands more from her jewellery in terms of quality, style and the way it makes her feel. AS29 delivers a wearable experience which is addictively luxurious, surpassing expectations and creating unique pieces which are made to be treasured for a lifetime. Each piece is thoughtfully designed, drawing inspiration from geometry and the timeless beauty of natural stones. Being the fourth generation of her family to work with diamonds, Audrey has been immersed in the industry from a very young age. Her fascination with the natural beauty of stones and how they can be used to create super premium jewellery has only strengthened throughout her life, leading to the creation of AS29’s inspired and powerful range.  

The everlasting appeal of gold

Gold is one of the most loved metals for jewellery making, and has long been a signifier of wealth and status in many cultures. Its timeless beauty is something that has been appreciated for thousands of years. There can be no denying that it has an almost hypnotic allure which makes fine gold jewellery highly desirable, there is just something about wearing gold that makes us feel good. Rare and lustrous, 18k gold jewellery makes a memorable, sentimental gift for a loved one or an indulgent, lasting gift for yourself. The confidence-boosting effect of gold is just one reason for its popularity in jewellery making. Whether white, yellow or rose, gold is flattering on all skin tones and is hypoallergenic, meaning that it is the perfect metal choice for those with sensitive skin. It lends itself beautifully to modern, bold designs, but also can be used to create intricate and delicate pieces.

Girl Wearing Gold Necklaces

Whether the gold is the star of the show or it is inalid with exquisite gemstones, fine gold jewellery always looks on trend and fashion-forward. AS29 are a leading designer of fine black gold rhodium jewellery which has a sleek, dark finish. Rhodium is the most expensive member of the platinum family, and is used to create a striking surface layer on our jewellery which is highly durable. You can expect to get several years of wear out of your black gold rhodium jewellery, though some pieces will retain their perfect looks for longer than others. For example, a black gold ring will show signs of fading sooner than a pair of earrings or necklace as they are worn on a more high contact part of the body and usually face more wear and tear. Black gold earrings tend to stay in pristine condition for longer as they generally aren’t handled very much while being worn. Aside from its exquisite good looks, gold is also loved by jewellers for its exceptional properties. Gold is inert, which means it doesn’t react with moisture and therefore does not rust, and gold jewellery of a high purity level such as 18k gold benefits from this too. When properly cared for it remains sparkling and bright for years as it is much harder than silver, platinum, and even 14k gold. In effect, 18k gold is loved for its striking beauty, its emotional and material value, and its practical, easy-going nature.

Four generations of premium gold jewellery makers

When investing in fine gold jewellery, the modern woman wants to be sure that the pieces she chooses will make her feel captivating, confident and powerful. AS29’s fine gold jewellery is not designed to blend in, instead it is made to embody boldness and project an air of glamour that can be enjoyed whatever the occasion.

With a wealth of design and technical experience, Audrey understands the unique appeal that gold has over other precious metals and chooses raw materials with an incredibly high level of purity. Most pieces are crafted from indulgent 18k gold which offers the perfect balance between pure gold content and strength to create pieces which are as perfect for a special event as they are for everyday wear.

At AS29, contemporary style meets with timeless, super luxe gold and captivating natural diamonds to create exciting and innovative jewellery which is never plated. While there is certainly a place for plated jewellery, it is not designed to last and can wear down quickly. Our fine jewellery is crafted in 18k gold through and through, so it is much more long lasting than plated pieces and will become a cherished heirloom.

DNA Yellow Gold Necklace

Designing for the AS29 woman

Drawing on the knowledge and experience of four generations of jewellers, Audrey masterfully creates jewellery which tells a compelling story about the wearer. The AS29 woman is a real woman, strong, bold, and ready to take on the world. She lives for the action in her life, whatever that might look like, and thrives on self empowerment. She demands that her jewellery is more than just an accessory, it is part of her - a way for her to know and express herself. Designing for this modern, non-conformist woman poses an exciting challenge, and AS29’s pieces are tasteful yet unexpected to match her versatile personality and elevate her look.

As jewellery trends call for more sustainable jewellery options, AS29 is committed to producing fine jewellery which is timeless and made to last. Each piece represents a genuine investment with enduring desirability - a modern classic that can be worn for a lifetime. Versatile pieces which are designed to give a more subtle solo look or can be stacked with other pieces to create a unique look are staples of the AS29 range, as are show stopping statement pieces which possess a singular glamour.

The right jewellery for the right occasion adds an unmistakable sparkle to a woman’s look, complementing her personality and helping to achieve the desired effect with her ensemble. Whether a dressed down day is elevated with a halo cluster pendant, a little black dress is made to sparkle with a diamond and 18k gold bangle, or a bold chain necklace is used to bring a modern edge to a look, your jewellery choice truly matters.

AS29’s exclusively curated collection of fine gold jewellery in white and yellow gold is sure to delight and bring a touch of opulence to any outfit, but it is so much more than the sum of its parts - our jewellery promises to become an extension of your personality and style. With Audrey’s eye for unconventional and bold yet feminine design, she has created a complete range of exquisite pieces which covers everything from drop earrings and studs, to necklaces and exquisite rings spanning couture and everyday looks for modern women.