Ultimate Guide to Paperclip Chain

When it comes to trendy jewellery, the paperclip chain has been extremely popular for a while now. From fashion influencers to celebrities, everyone loves paperclip chains. The minimalistic chain with its elongated oval or rectangular links offers a weightless and beautiful look that is here to stay.

A paperclip chain necklace is an incredible staple piece every woman needs in her jewellery box. The simple and sophisticated design is easy to wear as it goes equally well with casual and formal outfits. The chain looks charming whether you wear it alone or layer it with your other favorite chains



Styling a paperclip chain is easy as its simple design makes it so versatile. Wear it solo or layered. Pick a choker length or a longer piece. Choose from white, yellow or rose gold. Either way, the paperclip chain looks magnificent and can be worn on any occasion. A paperclip chain necklace is your top choice if you adore timeless jewellery that gives off chic and sophisticated vibes. Contrary to most classic chain styles (e.g. curb, rope, figaro...), the paperclip chain is almost exclusively worn by women, making it an excellent chain style if you're looking for something feminine.


We can only tell you why we think every woman should have at least one paperclip chain in her jewellery box. We believe, the paperclip chain is one of the most beautiful chain styles that brings a fresh breath into the world of chain necklaces. 

What makes the paperclip stand out is its design: the airy aesthetic and clean lines create a delicate look that is comfortable to wear even in larger or longer sizes. Even though the paperclip chain is a relatively new member of the jewellery game, we can tell the design is not going anywhere anytime soon. 

To wrap it up, if a beautiful, timeless, and feminine chain necklace you can wear anywhere and anytime is on your radar, there is no better option than a paperclip chain.


A paperclip chain is an excellent choice if you desire a tasteful, modern, and sophisticated staple piece of jewelry that you can wear anywhere and no matter the occasion. The design is contemporary and timeless, oozing feminine energy while keeping things elegant. If you choose a piece made of durable, waterproof materials, such as precious metals or stainless steel, you can be sure your new adornment will bring you joy for decades to come.

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