Guide to Wearing Long Gold Chains

How to wear long chains

Chains are the perfect stylish addition to your look, if we are wearing something casual, we’ll adorn it with a gold chain. They are versatile, elegant, statement-making, and easy to wear. When you wear them the right way, long gold chain necklaces can elevate your look in an effortless way. We’ve put together a guide to help you look edgy yet elegant, even with the simplest outfit.

your guide to wearing long gold chain necklaces

What are chains?

Chains have been worn for generations, and they come in different styles and colours. A chain is intended to be worn around your neck, and can be referred to as a necklace chain. Chains are a simple string of metal or links put together to create the chain. Long chains can be worn by themselves or with a pendant or charm. There are so many options, thicknesses, varying styles of links and lengths to choose from, and it’s important to understand the different types.

Match your gold chains to your outfit

Wearing a chain necklace is a great way to turn a casual outfit into something more. Our look defines us, and we must strive for the perfect harmony according to each occasion and time. It’s important to understand each trend and adapt them to our personal style or whatever works for us.

Try to combine gold jewellery to go along with your look, simple patterns and long chain necklaces go hand-in-hand. Consider wearing high necks, tank tops, V necks, and blouses if you’re looking for an effortless yet elegant look when paired with a long chain necklace. You can choose your chains to be white, yellow, pink gold or bi-colour. When it comes to create a bold, gorgeous look we believe it’s the more, the merrier and that’s why AS29 wearers like to choose more than 2 chain necklaces to layer.

Girls wearing gold long chains

Chain Necklaces layering

One of the most significant overall trends we are seeing into this year is necklace layering. Gold Chains look more impactful when you choose three or more to wear together. In terms of trending colours, we are seeing everything from yellow gold to rare black gold. When you first try a personalised layered necklace look you might find yourself getting into a tangle, and that’s why we have put together a Necklace Layering Guide.

Two girls wearing layered necklaces

When should you not wear a long chain

While some long gold chain necklaces might work with oversized sweaters or long dresses, the general rule is to avoid them combined together. Long clothes are better contrasted with shorter chains that come to rest below the clavicle or just above the chest. You must keep in mind that not all long chains are versatile and meant to be worn with simple outfits. some long necklaces are total statement pieces that are meant to be worn with a fierce, gorgeous, and dressy look. Trust your own style and be careful with how you mix and match!

Most popular chain necklace trends

When it comes to fine jewellery, there are popular necklace styles that are suitable for any season and that will take you all the way from spring through winter:


This year, the chunky chain-link jewellery trend has surfaced again. Our most favourite ones are made in Italy and are hollow inside, so while they are strikingly thick they are also beautifully lightweight. They can be combined together to create a double chunky chain bold look.

Chunky Chains Necklace


Large links never get out of style. The latest trend comes in an extra-large size that makes such a stylish statement. This type of chains give your neckline an elegant and modern style, and look also great with bracelets.

Large Links Necklace


Charm necklaces with pendants, diamonds, and stones are back again. Mix and match with your favourite charms from AS29.

Charms Necklace


2021 is the year lariats are getting a chic upgrade. Instead of the dainty chains of the past, these feature bold chains and pretty beads for a wholly fresh take.

lariat necklace

What material can you wear everyday?

Our preferred level of gold purity, 18k gold strikes the perfect balance between strength and beauty. This material is durable enough to be worn every day, even when sleeping and showering. Once you've found a gold chain you love, make it a part of your daily outfit. Highly pure gold is a rich yellow, but different alloys can be used to give gold another hue, such as white, pink and black. When 18k gold is placed next to silver, its bright colour completely outshines it. AS29’s curated collection of fine 18k gold chain sets is perfect for creating versatile, stunning looks which takes us from day to night.