Mother's Day Gift Guide

How To Find a Right Gift For Mother's Day

After going above and beyond this past year to homeschool their children or grandchildren, all moms and grandmas deserve an extra special Mother’s Day! So along with treating your mom to a safe Mother’s Day meal and heartfelt card, give her a gift as brilliant as she is – gives her the gift of fine jewellery. Jewellery is a precious gift that can last for generations, allowing it to be passed down from mother to mother, just like your love.

Make It Symbolic

 Symbolically, women have been represented alongside circles across the world and cultures to describe the life, protection, and intimacy women provide their families. With this imagery as authentic today as in the past, a round pendant or pair of round earrings featuring a halo is a perfect Mother’s Day gift!

Our pieces set in 18K gold from Essential collection are a tremendous circular gift for any mom. Generally, diamond jewellery set in gold is always a great gift idea for someone you genuinely care about. With proper care, diamond jewellery can last as long as your love, and the love between a mother and child never fades. A circle’s continual loop also represents this eternal love.

Or Classic

If looking for a more universal and classic jewellery style for your beloved, consider pave diamond circle or heart shape piece . They are a staple for almost every woman’s wardrobe, so you cannot go wrong gifting a pair! And it will feel like you are hugging her. It is an excellent option since these have proven popular among women of all ages, making them a perfect gift for a new mom with a baby or for a mom of 60 years.

For the more creative quirky individual, get them something more unique. Pear-shaped or clover pendants are very prevalent right now for individualistic modern women.

 When these fun and fancy shapes are combined with speciality cut diamonds, you get a look as unique as your mother. The jewellery looks both modern yet vintage and detailed yet simple at the same time. A look is as classic as your mother.

Our BLOOM flower jewellery is the most tried and true Mother’s Day jewellery look. Gemstones and Treated Diamonds are vibrant, acting as a long-lasting bouquet.
It is also common to give moms a piece of jewellery featuring their favourite colour that represents something special.

Bringing Up Engraving


Engravable jewellery in pendants is often the perfect gift for Mother's Day. You can find modern yet minimalistic pieces and have them personalized with initials, significant dates, favourite words that can range from empowering to sentimental, inspirational to symbolic.
Whatever you choose—you can honour and celebrate your mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt or friend or any woman who played a unique role in your life. We have compiled a group of pieces that evoke your loved ones sparkling presence and allow them to shine with individual style. Our DNA and TAG collections pendants will enable you to make your gift even more thrilling by adding engraving to the backside. Apart from that, DNA collection inspired by the DNA structure will add a significant meaning because your mother is your DNA.


Don’t Forget Your Alternative Moms


Remember, not every mother is traditional. Aunts, grandmothers, family friends, or community members often assume the role of “mom” in many people’s lives. If you have one of these unconventional yet loving individuals who cared for you in your time of need, remember to appreciate them on Mother’s Day. By giving them a long-lasting gift like fine jewellery, these alternative mothers will know their time was not wasted. They will know you love them as much as they love you. And they will know that even though your birth mom couldn’t be around, at least they could be there to make your life happier!

Our beautiful Gift Cart option is designed for this occasion if you still have no idea what your beloved one will like. Just let her choose what she desires.

And with that, AS29 wishes all the magnificent moms a Happy Mother’s Day!